In Lyon, France, travelers can find phenomenal food, unique history, beautiful scenes from the Saône River and much more. Lisa from the Waves and Cobblestones blog joins Stevie for a conversation that highlights wonderful things to see and do in Lyon.

Show Notes ⬇️

Published on 6/23/23

0:00 – Intro
1:53 – Lyon’s Pronunciation and Location
3:06 – Using Public Transportation in Lyon
4:30 – Visiting the Notre Dame Basilica
8:27 – How to Check Out the Roman Ruins in Lyon
11:40 – Exploring the Traboules
13:49 – Sights as You Cruise Along the Saône River
18:01 – Stopping by the Trompe L’oeil
22:13 – Exploring Lyon’s Food Markets and Why They’re Worth Checking Out
25:35 – Stay Connected with Waves and Cobblestones and Destinations Beyond Expectations

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