Travel doesn’t have to be as luxurious or expensive as the picture social media can paint sometimes. Lydia Schultz from gottacaseofwanderlust joins the podcast to share some helpful budget travel tips for young adults.

Show Notes ⬇️

Published on 7/21/23

0:00 – Intro
1:45 – Does Travel Have to be as Luxurious as What we See on Social Media?
4:05 – How Staying in a Hostel can be a Big Money Saver
5:58 – How Work Exchanges Work
7:00 – Ideas on How to Spend Less on Food When Traveling
9:10 – Free Things to do on Trips
12:03 – Discounts like the Eurail Student Discount
13:20 – Stay Connected with gottacaseofwanderlust and Destinations Beyond Expectations

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