Montreal is a city beloved for its world-class food, stunning European-influnced architecture, and a variety of unique experiences the city has to offer. Alicia Chew from the Alicia Tenise blog joins the podcast for a conversation that highlights some of the best things about visiting Montreal.

Show Notes ⬇️

Published on 6/9/23

0:00 – Intro
1:52 – Describing Montreal to Someone Who’s Never Been
2:40 – Best Times of Year to Visit Montreal
4:46 – Languages Spoken in Montreal
5:58 – Getting to Montreal
6:51 – What it’s Like to Walk Around Montreal
8:26 – Alicia’s Favorite Montreal Things to do
11:23 – What Makes Montreal Such a Cool Foodie Town?
13:56 – Stay Connected with Alicia Tenise and Destinations Beyond Expectations

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