Trip Prepping 101 with Anne L’Heureux


Prepping for a trip is something I take very seriously. As much as I love being spontaneous, having a plan is what gets me excited to travel! Here are a few things you may want to focus on as you prepare for your next adventure.


Researching a Destination

On my Instagram page, you’ll see some of the cool places I’ve visited. Before I book a trip, I’ve found that looking into multiple destinations can be extremely beneficial. Do a google search for hidden gems in a destination or find some excursions that you might find fascinating. Make sure you don’t over-research a place – You want to examine a destination enough to peak your interest without setting a hard expectation of what that place should be.

Anne L'Heureux in Germany



There’s a saying out there that goes “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”, have you heard it? While I truly believe your traveling is a wonderful investment – it does cost money. Budgeting is important because you need to be prepared in case of unexpected activities, adventures or emergencies. Give the savings app Digit a try. It’s a great tool, and I use it to plan my budget before a trip.

Anne in Iceland with Camera


Finding your Airfare

There are so many options when it comes to finding flights. As far as plane tickets, I usually stick with Skyscanner or Google Flights for cheap getaways. Some people prefer budget airlines while others don’t mind paying a little extra for an airline that boasts higher standards. I would suggest figuring out where you are on the budget vs. quality flight spectrum, and then book an airline that fits who you are. You may want to refer to the budget you built for your trip to help guide you here.



When it comes to packing, luggage is important! Not only is your luggage an accessory to your outfit, it’s critical that you have a durable bag you can trust. My favorite weekender is from Lo and Sons, while my favorite suitcase is from Away. Both of those companies have stylish options for the modern traveler.

Pink suitcase at airport

I definitely recommend that you put together a packing checklist. Not only can this help you on your next trip, this checklist can help you pack anytime you travel.


In Conclusion

These are a few ideas to keep in mind for planning your next trip! If you would like some personal assistance, follow me on Instagram @travel__anniewhere and I can advise you on planning a unique adventure that you’ll always remember!


Author: Anne L’Heureux

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