Destinations Beyond Expectations brings to life the world’s most incredible travel destinations through the sounds that make them unique. Join us as we travel around the world through sound. “DBE” is a destination-based travel podcast featuring our host, Steven Gross.  Stevie G is a man of many talents but one of his many passions happens to be sound. Stevie majored in music performance with a concentration in tech and production at University of North Florida. He then used that degree to pursue his dream of combining two of his passions, sound and travel to create DBE! Steven Gross has always considered himself a student of travel and continues to do so to this day. This destination-based travel podcast dives into the travel destinations you may or may not be aware of.  I hope you enjoy and continue to travel and continue to learn and take in every day as the new adventure it is intended.  If you have any questions or suggestions they will be gladly received. Submit your questions via our form here or our email here. Thank you for listening I hope you enjoy and I truly appreciate all the support!