Coming up with a plan and finding creative ways to reach clients can be crucial to those who sell travel. Nicole Barrett from The Minted Lab & The Saudade Life chats about tools and methods to help travel advisors stand out. 

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Published on 2/10/23

0:00 – Intro
2:00 – Nicole Barrett’s Background in Travel and Tourism
3:35 – The Genesis of The Minted Lab
7:47 – The Importance of Clear and Interesting Emails
10:20 – The Importance of Selling You and Your Personality
12:21 – Canva and Being Creative is an Advantage for Travel Advisors
13:51 – How Important is Planning Social Media Posts and Emails?
16:15 – The Saudade Life
20:29 – Stay Connected with Nicole Barrett, The Minted Lab and The Saudade Life

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