Budapest, Hungary’s capital city, is known for its great food scene, amazing sightseeing opportunities, and relaxing thermal baths. Kasia from Perfect Day Somewhere joins the podcast to discuss things to include on your next visit to Budapest.

Show Notes ⬇️

Published on 3/31/23

0:00 – Intro
1:47 – Budapest’s Location and Basic Info About the City
3:17 – Getting Around Budapest During a Visit
4:37 – The Food Scene in Budapest
6:33 – Currency Used in Budapest and Budapest’s Affordability
7:49 – Must See Sights Around Budapest
8:58 – The Nightlife Scene in Budapest
10:13 – The Baths in Budapest and Tips for How to Experience Them
11:51 – The Castle District and What You can Find There
13:03 – Kasia’s Biggest Budapest Takeaways
13:47 – Stay Connected with Perfect Day Somewhere and Destinations Beyond Expectations

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