*Coronavirus has an impact on the travel and hospitality industry like it has never before seen, but resilience has always been a key part of this industry and travel will return.

My parents are from Buffalo and Germany, raised me in Orlando and had me on the road a lot, sometimes because of my dad’s music career. Needless to say travel was something that was instilled into me at a young age. Road trips became a tool for educating my siblings and I.

In this episode my dad comes over to look through family photos, talk about trips I took as a kid and share knowledge about his love for travel. I never knew my father got to perform with the jazz great Don Menza, or that he traveled with his marching band in high school to Disney.  His trip to Disney was his first time performing In Orlando but it would be far from his last time. A couple years later he would move down, begin his professional career and meet my mom. If It wasn’t for travel I wouldn’t be here today.