Secret Spots in Nashville

April 2, 2020

Travel is more than just the destination. It’s about the journey! It’s finding and appreciating those tucked-away places others may miss. My next few blogs are going to spotlight some lesser-known attractions. I’ll share some of the best-kept secrets in great destinations. Let’s start the hunt for 7 secret spots in Nashville, Tennessee!

Cooter’s Place

Dukes of Hazzard fans, rejoice! Cooter’s Place is owned and operated by Cooter (Ben Jones) himself. You’ll find tons of show memorabilia and props (including a General Lee!) in this good ole boy’s tribute to Hazzard County. Yeeee-haw!

RCA Studio B Tour

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Hanging in RCA Studio B are the Christmas lights Elvis requested the summer he recorded his Christmas album. He wasn’t feeling the holiday spirit and needed lights for inspiration. Nearly 60 years later, the lights are still there! I guess his Christmas wasn’t “blue” after all!

The Parthenon

As the centerpiece of Centennial Park, The Parthenon isn’t exactly a secret. It is surprising, though, to find an exquisite replica of famous Greek architecture right in the heart of the city!

Men’s Restroom at the Hermitage Hotel

Yes, you read that right. This restroom has been voted the most famous in America! Rumor has it that there’s a secret tunnel hidden behind the wall that runs to the state capital. Allegedly, legislators can sneak a break between sessions. Talk about a secret spot!

Hatch Show Print

Be sure to stop at Hatch Show Print. The custom poster designs and letterpress that came out of this historic shop captured the magic of the south, and country music in particular.

Batman Building

The AT&T building makes a unique impression on the Nashville skyline. It’s one of the 12 most original buildings in the U.S. and tallest in Tennessee. Fire up the bat signal and snap a selfie!

Ryman Auditorium

Ok, this one isn’t really a secret, either. In fact, it’s one of Americas’ most cherished landmarks. The Ryman is the Mother Church of Country Music and boasts a 125-year history of inspiration and music. Countless legends have started here. You never know who you may run into in these iconic halls!

Nashville is a cache of secret spots just waiting to be explored. Gather your thrill-seeking friends and check it out.  While you’re at it, listen in to the Destinations Beyond Expectations podcast for the sounds and stories of your favorite destinations.  New episodes drop every Friday!

By: Michelle Geissler

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