David Schultz: Life on the Road

How much traveling does the Tour Manager for a popular country artist do? Alot. David Schultz would know pretty well – he is the Tour Manager for Jimmie Allen, a country music singer who found success a few years back with the release of his song “Best Shot”, and most recently released a project called “Bettie James” that features Brad Paisley, Nelly, Tim McGraw, Darius Rucker and some other notable artists.

As a Tour Manager, David spends a lot of time on busses and planes, and travels to different cities. Stevie G. chats with David to learn more about his job and how it relates to travel. Before he was a Tour Manager David was raised in California. He would move to Nashville to attend Belmont University. While attending Belmont David was adopting the “industry proximity” mindset by involving himself in lighting and audio work. From there he asked questions and managed to land a Tour Managing gig with singer Luke Pell.

David continued to sharpen his skills as a Tour Manager. As a result he found himself working with Jimmie Allen. When he isn’t Tour Managing, David also loves to dabble in new fashion trends. The two discuss David’s new found love for street-wear, exciting things to do around Nashville (where David currently resides), and some other hobbies David has explored since the COVID pandemic began. For one thing David also talks about one of his favorite cities, Tokyo, which he got to explore while on the road with Jimmie. Although much of David’s time traveling  is for business, he takes some time to take in the unique aspects of the different destinations he visits.


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