Puerto Vallarta is a coastal town in Mexico and a well-known destination for tourists. Kate from the Two Sisters Abroad blog joins the show to help us learn more about Puerto Vallarta.

Show Notes ⬇️

Published on 2/3/23

0:00 – Intro
1:46 – General Information About Puerto Vallarta
2:45 – Puerto Vallarta Experiences that Stand Out
5:11 – How Many Days Should Someone Set Aside to Visit Puerto Vallarta?
5:59 – Beaches in the Puerto Vallarta Area
7:47 – Advice for Drinking or Using Water in Puerto Vallarta
9:11 – Is English Commonly Spoken in Puerto Vallarta?
10:10 – Puerto Vallarta’s Affordability and Tips for Tipping
11:18 – Stay Connected with Two Sisters Abroad and Destinations Beyond Expectations

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