In the second part of our podcast, Stevie and Cameron continue their Irish endeavor after a great start in Dublin and Kinsale. Join them as they tour a few more Irish towns where they see some stunning Cathedrals and pop into a some more pubs. The journey ends back in Dublin, where Stevie finds his new favorite whiskey.

Day 3

St. Coleman’s Cathedral (Cobh) – Located in Cobh (pronounced Cove), the St. Coleman’s Cathedral sits atop this beautiful city. Walk around the cathedral and take note of the intricate architecture. Did you know Cobh is the last place the Titanic docked?

Explore Limerick (Limerick) – There once was a man from Peru – no not that Limerick! The Limerick that sits on the River Shannon and is home to many great pubs and restaurants. Take some time to check the town out, and make sure to view the St. Mary’s Cathedral.

The Limerick Strand Hotel (Dublin) – After walking around Limerick, enjoy this modern hotel. I would highly recommend grabbing dinner here as well.