In this podcast about Ireland, Stevie G. and Cameron land in Dublin, where they are quickly greeted with a neat Guinness experience, and later find themselves in Europe’s largest public park. After a day in Dublin, they head Southwest, finding bits of Irish history and wonderful food in the town Kinsale.  I’m sure you’ve heard of Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Cork but Kinsale is a hidden treasure you cant miss! If you’ve ever considered going to Ireland we would highly recommend this lovely country. The beer is delicious, the weather isn’t extreme and the people are all so friendly!

All the people out there who love a good meal and washed down with some delicious beer should visit Ireland.   Ireland  broken down into three parts would be it’s, scenery, cuisine, and welcoming hospitality. Ireland being a hilly island has some of the most breathtaking views you could have imagined.  When it comes to taste Ireland has plenty of it.  While their menu may not be widely diverse this country’s food has a long heritage and the Irish people are very proud to share it with you.   The people in Ireland truly welcome you with open arms.

This is a two part-er so be sure to tune in next week for the rest of our places to see while listening to this podcast about Ireland.

Day 1

Guinness Storehouse (Dublin) – Need a pint of Guinness? Not only will you find some at the Guinness Storehouse, you’ll experience everything in the world of this famous beer. As you’re learning about Arthur Guinness and making your way through the Guinness Academy, make sure you grab some food at the Brewer’s Dining Hall. Cap off your experience at the Storehouse by taking in the views from the 7th story gravity bar.

Phoenix Park (Dublin) – Experience the largest public park in Europe, the magnificent Phoenix Park. The park has some magical features including intricate gardens and reindeer, yes reindeer! Some notable structures within the park include the Papal Cross and the home of the Irish President.

The Ashling Hotel (Dublin) – Enjoy a quality stay at the Ashling Hotel. With a friendly staff and a scrumptious full Irish breakfast, staying at The Ashling Hotel is a treat.

Day 2

Rock of Cashel (Cashel) – This stunning site holds a ton of history. Constructed in the 1100s, this chapel and cathedral has seen the hands of a few powerful Irish families. Did you know the Queen of England visited not too long ago?

Explore Kinsale – Kinsale is a quaint town that sits at the exchange of the River Brandon and the Celtic Sea. Get your cameras out and snap some photos of the stunning seaside views and sailboats that frequently pass. Have some fun by exploring a pub or two in town.

Jim Edwards Pub & Restaurant – Kinsale has built a reputation as a seafood town, and Jim Edwards will not disappoint. Not only have they mastered a variety of seafood dishes, they have wonderful Irish fare across the board.

Actons Hotel – A short walk from all the happening places around town, Actons is a wonderful hotel with an appetizing full Irish breakfast.

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