Stevie and Cameron welcome you for another Destination Rewind!  This time we go International and tell you our favorite things about Iceland!  It’s more than just Ice and a blue lagoon, but definitely go see the Blue Lagoon.  Iceland has an abundance of waterfalls that are absolutely incredible to take in. Renting a car and driving around the island is definitely the way to go.  You can stop and explore the waterfalls and the hiking trails at your leisure. Iceland is an island made up entirely of lava rock which gives the island a very unique landscape compared to most of the states in America.

This podcast about Iceland is focusing on the sites we saw that  people may not think to come by. Part of the excitement was the sense of adventure you got just from driving around, and with a diverse climate the weather could vary from beautiful day to intense snowstorm. Iceland definitely did it’s best to keep us on our toes. If you’re a fan of the outdoors, hiking and climbing and spontaneous adventures then Iceland is a perfect place for you. It is also ideal for anyone planning a trip to Europe, fly Iceland Air and knock out two experiences in one trip.

Day 1

Blue Lagoon (Near Keflavík) – Enjoy a soothing experience in the world renown Blue Lagoon. Stroll through the warm waters pumped up through the earth in this unique geothermal experience. The Blue Lagoon will get your mind and body right, and you could spend an entire day here no problem.

Day 2

Viking World (Near Keflavík) – Viking culture is fascinating, and the Viking World museum does an incredible job of showcasing the history of Vikings in Iceland. Located near the airport, I would highly recommend checking out this informative museum, and make sure to explore the Viking ship on display.

Café Loki (Reykjavik) – Head on over to Iceland’s largest city, and grab a bite to eat at Café Loki. If you enjoy trying foods outside of your cultural comfort zone, order the fermented shark – yes you heard that correctly.

Hallgrimskirkja (Reykjavik) – Right across the street from Café Loki towers the stunning Hallgrimskirkja, an Icelandic cathedral with modern architecture. Step inside to see the interior of the church and marvel at the power and beauty of this structure.

Perlan (Reykjavik) – Explore the wonders of Iceland here. With various exhibits and wildlife on display, you will learn so much about Iceland’s natural wonders and the people who call Iceland home.

Restaurant Reykjavik (Reykjavik) – Hungry? Of course you are. You need a seafood buffet, and Restaurant Reykjavik is your place. Located in a quaint city square, you’ll find all sorts of neat local seafood here.

Hilton Reykjavik Nordica (Reykjavik) – A modern hotel with stunning city views and a friendly hotel staff. Make sure you take some time to visit the spa on site, and check out their tasty breakfast buffet.

Day 3

Drive back to Keflavik – Make sure you take some time to explore some scenic drives. Admire the infusion of lava rock and soft snow in what can only be described as an incredible landscape. Stop by the town of Grindavik, and make your way out to the beach for some worthy Instagram photo ops.

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