Many families who have children with disabilities go through certain hurdles during their travels in terms of communication, planning ahead, and other things that many of us don’t necessarily have to think through or worry about when we travel. Adam Probolsky joins DBE for a discussion on curating family travel with a special/medical needs child.

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Published on 12/29/23

0:00 – Intro
2:21 – Adam’s Son
3:16 – Adam’s Initial Thoughts on How or If Traveling Would Work
4:43 – How the Travel Industry can Improve on Accommodating Families
9:01 – Steps Adam Takes in Terms of Communication
13:15 – Are Hotels Understanding of Needs From Families?
16:46 – Change that Adam Wants to See
19:30 – Final Messages About Family Travel with a Special/Medical Needs Child
21:13 – Stay Connected with Probolsky Research
25:50 – Adam Probolsky is a Student of Travel

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