5 Unique Travel Podcasts in 2021

December 7, 2020

When the idea of launching a podcast popped into my head, I didn’t know if there were any other unique travel podcasts out there. Well it turns out there are – and I really enjoy them! While chatting about travel is common in each of our podcasts, we all have our own voice. Of course, you know that Destinations Beyond Expectations is designed for students of travel, but here are some other travel podcasts that have their own niche within the travel podcast community.

My 5 Unique Travel Podcasts for 2021


Destinations Beyond Expectations

For Students of Travel:

For those of you that aren’t too familiar with this podcast – Welcome to DBE, I’m your host Stevie G! Destinations Beyond Expectations is for those of us who love learning about the world of travel. In addition to interviewing travel enthusiasts and industry professionals, I also visit different destinations to capture sounds. No matter your age, we can all be students of travel.


Between the Mountains Travel Podcast

For the Adventurer:

If you’re a hiker, kayaker or explorer, you’ll love this show! Hosted by my friend Chris Kilworth, you’ll hear amazing stories from interesting guests. On Between the Mountains, don’t expect regular travel stories. Your ears will perk up at mountain summit climbs, treks through the forest and more exhilarating travel journeys. Chris and I did a pod-for-pod, so you can catch my appearance on Between the Mountains as well as his appearance on Destinations Beyond Expectations.


Amateur Traveler Podcast

For the Traveler who Loves Itineraries:

Chris Christensen is a veteran when it comes to the world of travel podcasts. The Amateur Traveler takes you to multiple destinations across the globe and gives you an itinerary based guideline of how to experience each place. Chris talks to travel experts in each location he covers and makes sure that you have a roadmap of what to do when you visit the featured destination.


Zero to Travel

For the Open-Minded Traveler:

Start with Anything. Go Everywhere. That’s the motto on Zero to Travel’s podcast cover art, and the show certainly lives up to that phrase. Jason Moore’s calm voice and smooth pacing compliments the message that travel itself has a world of possibilities. This podcast is for travel junkies and is meant to inspire anyone regardless of your situation or experience.


20 Till Takeoff

For Women who Love to Travel:

Tatum Skipper, owner of Bonvoyage Babes (a website for women who love to travel), has launched her own podcast called 20 Till Takeoff. The show talks about travel in a way that’s relatable for women who have a passion for exploring the world. Ladies you won’t know until you give it a listen, but Tatum might just be your new best friend in the travel industry.


I enjoy listening to these podcasts, but if you listen to a travel podcast that’s not on this list let me know! Shoot an email to dbetravel1@gmail.com with your show suggestions.

If you’d like to start your own podcast about any subject you have a passion for, click here to get started!